January 3, 2012

I finally started weaving on the AVL yesterday evening.  I started out using a fine weft thread. She weaves so smoothly.  The tension worked great after my first few shots.  I had to get up and tighten up the warp from the rear of the loom a few times, though.  It went from having a firm tension to really loose and hanging all on its own.

Then, I switched from the fine weft thread to a chain of loopers.  I would reallly love to make large looper rugs on this loom.  Weaving with the loopers proved to be really rough.  The loose tension won't let me beat the weft as tightly as you need it beat to form a good rug.  So, I cut off what I had woven and have now wound up the warp on the sticky beam again, much tighter this time.  I have also tied both of the tension arms together to provide a stronger weight on the warp beam.  I hope this will do what I need it to.

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