January 3, 2012

I'm finally weaving on the AVL! I decided to try the sticky beam first, before trying to use the automatic cloth advance system. (I've been fascinated with being able to cut off my project without having to retie everything, since I took my first tour of Churchill Weavers in Berea, KY.) That is what has always attracted me to the AVL. So, I wove a few inches of simple plain weave using a fine variegated weft.  You can tell how great she is by the way she lays in the weft.  All I did was one light beat and the thread was in the right place.

 But, then I shifted to the loopers.  I had tension troubles immediately.  The warp became loose.  I tried to tighten it up and it just rolled forward more.  So, I went to the rear and manually rolled the warp beam back.  It rolled forward again as soon as I let it go!  Shee!

And, then there was the drawing in from the loopers.  I used my temple  with the finer thread, but it wouldn't hold the loopers.  I guess they're just too thick.  I got so frustrated that I cut it all off and went about fixing a couple of threading problems I had found.

Once I had that done, I re-"tied" the warp to the sticky beam (This part is just so cool!), being careful this time to really make the warp tight, and wove an inch or so before rolling the warp forward a bit more to lock it in place.

Gary tightened the rear spring that is attached to the tensioning device and also tied the secondary weight up with the primary weight to add more weight.  That made the warp's tension much better.  By then, it was after midnight, so we called it a night.
Today was Tuesday Weavers day.  I love Tuesdays!  I always come home,  ready to weave a storm.  Full of new ideas.  Today was no different.  LouAnn suggested I try another thing to help with the tension.  She suggested that I put the lease sticks back into the rear warp.  Such a great idea! Thank you, LouAnn.

Here is where I am now.  The AVL is sitting there waiting for me, calling my name!  She's ready.  I had to jump on my computer and my phone as soon as I returned from the center and worked steadily until a few minutes ago.  It was a very productive work day!

Once I get our dinner cooking on the stove, I'm heading back to the family room to answer the AVL's call!  We're going to insert the lease sticks and give the loopers another chance!  Cross your fingers and toes!!!


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Linda said...

I am so glad you are able to get the loom working! Have fun!

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