April 20, 2012

A few weekends ago, my husband and I spent the weekend at a very spiritual place, called Heavenly Mountain.
On the drive there and back, I wove the pieces that would make this pretty spring bag. I think the serenity that can be found on Heavenly Mountain helped form this pretty bag.

Once we returned home, I put the pieces together and wove the front button and chain strap using annodized aluminum wire rings. The pattern I chose for the chain turned out to be great fun making, too.

My bleeding looper problems are solved!

    After treating all of my RIT-dyed loopers, I decided to make some more looper rugs and test their color fastness.  Here they are.  These 2 rugs were woven with Natural colored rug warp and Retayne-treated, RIT-dyed loopers in bold colors. 

After finishing them, I mashine washed them in cold water and machine dryed them.  Good news!  The treatment works. Check out the warp and the white and natural loops.    There was no bleeding!  Yea! 

I'm thrilled.  I much prefer the intense colors like these that I can get by using RIT dye on these loopers.

I'm sure the occasional polyester and acrylic threads in the nearly all cotton loopers causes the fiber reactive dye to not be as intense.   RIT, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a problem with those threads.
So, I have a solution to my dye bleeding issues. Finally!

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