September 21, 2010

My little Puter Toter

I've been weaving and making some other fiber items, too. Here is my newest bag:

And here's another view:

She was such fun to make.  I'm going to make many more of this style, using different colors and fibers. 

Coming soon:  fiber necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  I already have some made.  Very cute.  Thank you to the woman who gave me the necklace after I commented about hers.  Such Kindness and Inspiration!

I've been starting to make some changes lately.  Seeking counseling, joining a self-help group, preparing to become vegetarian, getting back to Yoga class after a month away.  I'm starting to be myself again after many years of being who I thought I SHOULD be.  It's a good feeling.  Thank you, my guardian angles for the encouragement. 

September 15, 2010

Utilization Review Manager

Seeking an RN with Medical Chart Audit experience to fill a Utilization Review Manager opening in Omaha, NE and Dallas, TX. Utilization Review Manager

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