February 25, 2011

I've finished my first tablet weaving warp, looking for closure suggestions

The first real try at any new craft for me is so much fun.  For my first tablet weaving warp, I used 3 colors (probably should have stuck to 2, but what the heck!), 20 tablets (again, probably should have stuck with 10!), and a pattern that I pulled off of the web (could've picked a simpler one for my first real try).

I realized quickly that I had bit off more that I wanted to chew with the 20 tablets.  So, I split them into two separate warps, separated them on the front and back beams, and proceeded to weave 2 separate bands. 

After rethreading the tablets and retying the warp a few times.... I've ended up with 8 bands long enough for friendship bracelets, watch bands or bookmarks.

Now, I'd love to hear some suggestions on how to take these bands and add closures for watch bands and bracelets.

February 23, 2011

Tablet or Card Weaving

I started searching for patterns to weave narrow bands on my 8 harness table loom.  I wanted to make interesting straps for my purses.  My search lead me to research several different kinds of weaving styles that I had never looked at or considered before.  And then, I round a site on the web that talked about tablet woven bands.  Beautiful designes.  Such versitility.  I'm hooked.  I quickly tried a short band, using cardboard tablets and a left over belt buckle that I stuck my big toe in to stretch the warp!  I'm in love.  This is such a beautiful style of weaving. 

Now I'm weaving bands on my rigid heddle loom, sans the rigid heddle, that I'll make into bracelets and watch bands.  I'm also planning on teaching myself to weave numbers and letters.  Then, I'm going to make a new collar for my puppy, Punkin, with her name and my phone number. 

I'll eventually get started on weaving straps for some tote bags that I want to weave using fabric strips for the weft.  I've made these before, but didn't have the handwoven straps.  They stand up to a lot of wear.  Great for the summer.

So, if you're interested in my new jewelry and my new tote bags, check out my stop on Etsy in about a month.  www.etsy.com/shop/Andy0514.  Better yet, check it out now.  I have several cute bags on there already.  Ha! 

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