September 23, 2012

New Midland Plaza Arts and Crafts Fair in Alcoa, TN

Gary and I had a booth this past weekend at this Crafts Fair.  It was a nicely run event and nice to be back in Maryville and Alcoa for a couple of days.  I lived there for several years back in the late 70's.  The county sure has changed!

This is a farily new event, only a few years old.  All booths were set up against the buildings under the covered walkway.  We had some new equipment this time.  I now have the ability to accept credit card payments and used it with no problems at all.  Plus, Gary designed a more effective way to display my weaving supplies.  We now have what looks like a fruit stand with the antique hanging scales that I bought at the Clinch River Antique Fair last Spring for my sock rings.  The signs on top of the display say:  "$8 per pound"  "Weigh your own sock rings"  "Pick your own colors".  I also now have wool sock rings to go along with the cotton ones.  As usual, the sock rings and potholder looms attracted many who remembered making potholders as children. 

I had pretty good sales for this fair and met some really nice people.  I'm very glad that we went. 

Now, it's time to get some more rugs and scarves made and finish those bags I have in the works.

September 18, 2012

My new Log Cabin "v" scarf

I finally finished this "V" scarf last weekend.  This one took a really long time to finish.  It started as a project at the Tuesday Weavers.  First, I had threading problems.  I had to rethread almost all of it.  (That comes from listening to all of the fascinating conversations that go on there at Tuesday Weavers!)  Then, once I finally got it treaded right, I sat down and starting weaving this beautiful warp...and it started breaking.  I'd weave a couple of shots and several ends would break.  Fix those, weave a few more shots, and more ends would break. I walked away from it several times. See, I really wanted to make this scarf.  The color mix is one of my favorites and the feel of the warp was terrific.  I just knew that this would end up as a nice scarf.  So, we bought some lovely inserted eye metal heddles for my loom at the center, thinking the old metal heedles might be the problem.  Once I got the new heddles on, I had to, yes, rethread again!  (Can you feel my frustration?)  And, once all was rethreaded, and I threw a few shots,  can you guess what happend?  Yes, you're right!  Broken warp threads, yet again.      
That did it.  I sat there for a few minutes.  Steam was probably shooting out my ears!  Then, I cut the beautiful warp off, chained it up, put it in my bag and took it home...where I glared at it for several weeks. 
Then, I opened up my table loom with the texlov heedles, threaded the warp, and started weaving that beautiful warp yet again.  And a few weeks later, here it is, a beautiful, so soft to the touch, scarf.

I really do love to weave!
Oh yes, I'll have a booth at the New Midland Center Arts and Crafts Fair in Alcoa, TN this weekend.  Come see me if you're there.

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