March 20, 2011

New products posted on my shop at Etsy

I've posted 5 new items on my Etsy shop:

I've started making tablet-woven bands.  These first 5 show how I've progressed in a couple of bracelets and some watch bands.  I have a new warp that I'm starting to weave on today, too.  This warp is UT Knoxville colors.  Go, Vols!

I've also started doing some pot-holder loom weaving using a softer leather lace than I've used before.  It's so soft and pliable. I'm about half way done with the pieces needed  for an opera Clutch made with Deerskin lace.  Georgeous, so far!

 Lately, I've been trying to decide what types of work would I likd to focus on to take my weaving business to a new level of success.  I've done great with some of my styles and not so great with others.  So, I'm working on narrowing down some of the styles that aren't doing well for me.  As soon as I have my currently in production projects completed and posted, many of my older, less viewed products will go on sale.  If you're interested in any of these Older bags, keep an eye out on the site for the sale.

The weaving shop may also change names soon on Etsy.  I recently opened up a new website.  (still in production at present) 

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