July 16, 2012

The AVL is haunted!  As soon as I got  it all set up and ready to start weaving that luscious shawl warp, it stopped working.  I only got 10 shots in before the dobby started acting up.  First, it was a couple of harnesses not lifting, then the back half of the harnesses, then none of them! 

Good thing we don't have guns in my house. That would have been one dead loom!

On a better note, the 10/2 cotton Huck lace that I made to use as lining for my chainmail bag, turned out just too pretty to use as lining.  I turned it into a really pretty bag.  She's all ready except for the frame.  I have 2 different frames that fit.  One's plain, the other is fancy.  I havne't yet decided which to use.  I've nearly finished the timy chainmaille bag with some hand woven teal twill for the lining.  All that's left to do is the chain.  It's large enough to hold my iphone, some money, and my keys. Cute,really cute.

I hope to see the Tuesday Weavers on Tuesday!

July 9, 2012

It's the 2nd week in July. Sometime in August, there is supposed to be another Jury for Foothills craft guild. So, I'm weaving up a storm. I can't seem to decide on which 5 project I'll pick to use. I have 4 really pretty bags ready, and a great scarf. But, I also have some terrific warp on the big loom ready to become a large fall shawl and another that will be a large bag. I guess time will tell.

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