June 22, 2012

Elm Grove Alumni

I am proud to be a member of a group of people who attended or worked at Elm Grove Elementary School in Oak Ridge, TN.  We have had an active Alumni group and website now for 4 years. 

Last weekend, we had our 3rd Homecoming on the grounds of our school, now called Elm Grove Park.  45 former students and teachers were there from a wide range of ages.  We had members who had been some of the first students in the school in 1943 and others who had been some of the last students in the 1980's.  There were several there from the Oak Ridge High School class of 1952.  Thee was also one who had traveled the furthest, coming to Oak Ridge from Miranmar (formerly known as Burma).

Each year, I've considered not organizing another one of these.  It takes alot of time and effort to get this party going.  But, the looks on the faces during each Homecoming and the comments I get after, keep me doing it.  Thank you to all of you Elm Grovers out there for keeping our group alive and keeping the memory of our school fresh in our minds.

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