May 14, 2012

This morning at around 8:30 am, I turned 60!  How can that be?  I remember thinking that anyone over 20 was ancient. 

Today, I took the day off and spent the day doing some things I've been wanting to do.for a while and putting off.  It was great. Then, when I got home, Gary had the grill going for dinner.

Throughout the day, I've received lots of birthday wishes.  My little phone has pinged me off and on all day long.  It's good to know that my friends and family have thought of me today.

It's been a great day.  It's helped me turn an important corner. 

Watch out, world! 

May 6, 2012

My friends Linda Baldwin and Linda Nichols and I had this booth Saturday, 5/6, at the Spring Clinch River Antique Fair in downtown  Clinton, TN.  Squishing all 3 of us into one 10x10 tent was risky, but the rain stopped early.  Thank you, Mother Nature!  We had a combination of Linda B's finely woven rugs, linens, scarves and hand-spun and knit hats, Linda N's beautifully hand-embroidered prayer flags and  always terrific beaded jewelry, and my woven bags, scarves, rugs, dyed loopers and Potholder looms.  I have taken the advise of my friend Ann, to trade in the store bought chains I had been using on my bags and exchanged many for some of my own handwoven chainmaille straps.  They seemed to attract some attention, too.  For the first show of the year, it was a really good one.  We had a steady stream of traffic once the rain stopped. 

I had a terrific time and hope the 3 of us will go together on a booth again.  Maybe next time, though, we'll get a double booth.  Then, we'll have more room to demonstrate our crafts. 

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