September 18, 2012

My new Log Cabin "v" scarf

I finally finished this "V" scarf last weekend.  This one took a really long time to finish.  It started as a project at the Tuesday Weavers.  First, I had threading problems.  I had to rethread almost all of it.  (That comes from listening to all of the fascinating conversations that go on there at Tuesday Weavers!)  Then, once I finally got it treaded right, I sat down and starting weaving this beautiful warp...and it started breaking.  I'd weave a couple of shots and several ends would break.  Fix those, weave a few more shots, and more ends would break. I walked away from it several times. See, I really wanted to make this scarf.  The color mix is one of my favorites and the feel of the warp was terrific.  I just knew that this would end up as a nice scarf.  So, we bought some lovely inserted eye metal heddles for my loom at the center, thinking the old metal heedles might be the problem.  Once I got the new heddles on, I had to, yes, rethread again!  (Can you feel my frustration?)  And, once all was rethreaded, and I threw a few shots,  can you guess what happend?  Yes, you're right!  Broken warp threads, yet again.      
That did it.  I sat there for a few minutes.  Steam was probably shooting out my ears!  Then, I cut the beautiful warp off, chained it up, put it in my bag and took it home...where I glared at it for several weeks. 
Then, I opened up my table loom with the texlov heedles, threaded the warp, and started weaving that beautiful warp yet again.  And a few weeks later, here it is, a beautiful, so soft to the touch, scarf.

I really do love to weave!
Oh yes, I'll have a booth at the New Midland Center Arts and Crafts Fair in Alcoa, TN this weekend.  Come see me if you're there.

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Bonnie said...

It really looks nice. I am glad you table top loom worked.

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