December 12, 2011

Work is progressing smoothly on getting the AVL up and working.  I'm really hoping to be able to tie up the warp that was left on the beam by the end of this week. 

I recently sent an email through the site, asking for some help in putting the AVL loom together.  Based on what I had read online and heard from others, I really wasn't expecting to get a response.  Word is that the AVL organization isn't all that concerned in helping.  SO WRONG!  Not only did I get a fast response, it was from the President of the company!  Read...

From: "Bob Kruger" []

Date: 12/09/2011 12:48 PM

Subject: RE: Contact Us Form Submission
Dear Andy,

You have a Production Dobby Loom, 48", 16 harnesses, polyester heddles, 1-box flyshuttle, bottom swing beater, plain beam and raddle. The loom was made in 1981.

We don't have on-line copies of manuals for looms that old. The closest can be found at:

The Production Dobby Loom (PDL) was originally designed by Mr. Ahrens about 20 years before the founding of AVL. This was one of many different looms he designed, but it was one of his most versatile and loved. The PDL was the first design Mr. Ahrens transferred to AVL for mass production. AVL made its first PDLs in 1976 and its last in 2002. Over the years of production there have been some changes to the loom including width, depth, and materials. However, the loom operates in exactly the same way as it always has, with the exception of the cloth storage tension system. The PDL manual in our library has a much different system. Yours is actually the same as the modern A-Series system, with the exception of where we mount the pulleys.

The loom appears to be correctly assembled, though there may be some small details I have overlooked. The turnbuckle is too loose. At arm up (shed closed) cam should be rotated such that the cable comes off at its lowest point.

The treadling action you observed is correct. The weight of the harnesses is causing the shed to close automatically. However, the dobby arm will stop moving upward where it is lift by the harness movement. The left treadle is there to move the arm a fraction of an inch up, and this little movement is where the dobby gets its cue to change shed. So, while the amount of work done by the left treadle is very small, it is very important.

The shed can be held open foot-free by inserting a pin in the hole located at the lower rear of the dobby head.

Best of luck!
Best Regards,

Bob Kruger
AVL Looms, Inc.
2360 Park Avenue, Chico, CA 95928
direct: 530-893-4915 ext. 233 fax: 530-893-1372

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