December 9, 2011

The AVL Loom Model 00150

Here are some pictures of the beautiful AVL loom Gary and I are trying to set up.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
 View from the right side.

 view of the rear from the left side
 View of the rear
 Plaque on the loom

 View of the right treadle, not depressed, shed is closed
 View of the harneses, shed open
 Left treadle close up, not depressed, shed is closed
 Dobby Cam when the treadles aren't depressed and the shed is closed
 Side view of the dobby cam, shed closed
 Dobby, shed closed
 Dobby, shed open
 Dobby Cam, shed open
 Dobby cam cable to the treadle
 Dobby cam cable to the turnbuckle

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