December 19, 2009

We have snow!

It's the Saturday before Christmas.  We woke up to around 5 inches of beautiful fluffy snow.  Now, it's almost midnight and it's still snowing.  Cool.

I spent the day weaving and working on finishing steps for 3 new Opera Clutches.  Then, something in my sewing machine broke!  So, until I can figure out how to fix it, my products will really be hand made!  Ha!

I don't want to wait to finish these next clutches.  They're going to be really pretty.  So, I'll be hand-stitching!

Tomorrow, I'm going to finish decorating the house for Christmas.  This is my favorite part of the season.  Our new artificial tree is much smaller than the one we've had for the past few years. I got the bright idea to sell it last summer and buy a new one this year with LED lights.  We've gone from a 9' really full tree that took forever to put up and take down to a 7 1/2' tree that's slimmer than the old one, that's really easy to put up and has LED lights.  It's just not as pretty as the old one.

For those reading this, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

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