December 6, 2009

While searching for ways to promote my Etsy shop, I found, a new search engine for independent merchants.  

I've signed up with them, but can't seem to get verified. Can't figure out what I need to do differently than I am.  I can see my product listing there, but apparently won't get the full benefit of their service until I can verify.   Hmm.  Need to understand programming better for these sites.

We had snow when we woke up yesterday.  Pretty and unusual for this early.  It's mostly gone, now.  Punkin had a ball playing in it.

I spent most of yesterday working on 2 different Etsy projects.  I wove and hand stitched together all the pieces needed for another large Coco bag, really pretty.  Now, I need to fix the lining and interfacing.  I also glued the handwoven cover to my first flat frame handwoven opera clutch.  Unfortunately, I used too much glue.  So, now, I'm cleaning off glue to finish the purse.  It's going to be really pretty.  I used a piece of blue, green, and taupe plaid for the covers.  It turned out really good.  I'm hoping that this new purse will be a big hit.  I haven't seen any like it.  I also have plans to use the same frame to make more box-like clutches.  Gary is going to make me some fiberglass boxes for the sides.  I've seen several like that on ebags and other sites for over $100.  I won't be asking that much for mine.

Time to take Punkin out for a walk.  Have a happy Sunday, all.

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Siva said...

Hi Andy

Glad to hear your products are showing up on TheFind! If your store is only located on ETSY then there's no need to verify anything as the ETSY marketplace is already verified.

Hope you have a great holiday shopping season!

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