December 3, 2009

It's December!

I signed up for Google Merchants today.  Can't wait to see how that helps bring more traffic to my shop,

Also, while looking to see if any of my items had posted anywhere, I found another site,, that is a search engine focused on independant merchants, like me.  I signed up with them, too, and am already out there on their site.  All you need to search for is Handwoven handmade bag or purse and there I am!  Yippee!  And is costs nothing!

I posted 2 more new purses yesterday.  Both very pretty.  One is in Burgundy and the other is Olive green and Pink.  Very nice.  I'm also almost ready to post my first Flat Frame Fancy Opera Clutch covered in Handwoven fabric.  I just need to add the clue and the fabric to the frame and it's done.  Very cute.

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