November 25, 2009

Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Cool work week this week.  Two days!

I'll spend Wednesday getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and the rest of the weekend.  Thanksgiving day will be just Gary, Mom and me.  The day after we'll have Sherry and my brother, Bob and his wife, Stephanie.

Holidays are so strange for me now.  We can't get to Tennessee to be with the cousins.  So, there isn't much of a family feel to the holiday.  And, relations with my brother seem to continue to be strained.  I had not heard from him since Christmas until tonight.  Guess I should have called him, but my stubborn streak won out.  Gary and I take care of Mom completely.  Bob doesn't offer to help at all.  So, I decided that he could at least take the responsibility for calling his mother.  He didn't.  He apologized tonight for not calling.  I hope we'll be able to have a nice day when he comes.  I would really like to have my family back.

On the weaving front, I'm still trying to get my latest purse finished.  It's a bit too thick to go into the frame.  I haven't given up yet, tho.  Will try to attach the frame again tomorrow.  I'm also still trying to make the flat frame wallets.  First try was a disaster.  I've trashed the insides that took way too long to put together.  They really looked bad.  I'm changing the fabric and the design for the inside.  I just know that once I can get the design down and the production worked out, I'll have some really cool little clutches that people will like.  Just picture it:  one of those cute flat frame wallets covered with handwoven fabric instead of nawgahide!    Cool!

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