April 16, 2014

The craft season is upon us!

This past weekend was a very full one.  If I could have been in 2 places at one time, I would have!  Besides my growing weaving and weaving supply interest, I also belong to a number of groups, each of which are very important to me.  One of those groups is the K-town Sound Show Chorus, part of the Sweet Adelines organization, promoting the Barbershop-style of music.

We went to our yearly regional competition this past weekend in Covington, KY.  What a time we all had.  Just picture a large hotel and convention center suddenly packed to the gills with flocks of women dressed in costumes covered in sequines and glitter and stage makeup, huddled in corners of every open space, all singing different music, laughing and talking up a storm.  Wow!  What a time!

It was a chance to see friends not seen in awhile, to get to knowothers better, and to sing our hearts out!  Some fun!

At the same time, the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival was being held in Townsend, TN.  Gary and I went there for the first time last year and had one of the best craft shows we had ever had.  He got to go by himself this time and again had a terrific show.  What a partner I have!

Here is a picture of

the new display that
Gary built for us. 
It's so versitile and shows
off our products so well..

And, this is the most recently woven bamboo shawl.  It was sold at the show along with lots and lots of potholder looms and loops.  We're busy dying more loops and I'm putting new bamboo warp on the loom to weave more of these shawls.

Gary enjoyed his time at the Townsend show this weekend.  He enjoyed seeing so many people we met last year.   

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