March 23, 2012

I've been dying more loopers.  This time I'm using Procion MX dye.  I love the colors, but the process is tedious, so far.  Got to figure out an easier way to do this. 

Last night, I took one of the more natural colored loops and one of the natural loops that has a grey strand running through it and pulled them apart to look at the fibers.  Then today, I called the manufacturer to see what those fibers are.  As I suspected, the fiber in the more natural loop is polyester.  The grey strand in the other loop is acryllic.  That's why it doesn't take the dye very well.   So, now time to research to see what kind of dye might work better on the mix of cotton and acryllic.  Or, maybe those will just remain natural and grey.

Good news from the manufacturer:  They're starting to weave some wool socks.  I'm told that they are also a natural color with a little yellow tint to them and they are "mostly" wool.  So, must have some poly or acryllic in them. 

I'm thinking that I'll be ready to make another run to the plant in a few weeks.  Wonder if anyone will want to go with me this time.  Think about it.  Wool loops!   I wonder.. can you felt a looper rug?  

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