November 12, 2011

Having a problem with a new warp

I wound the prettiest 7 yard warp for my Louet table loom.  It has Tan, Grey, Burgundy and a variegated blue.  Together the colors just melted.  Beautiful. 

Now, the beautiful warp is on my Louet loom ready to start weaving.  But, now it's dull and rather dark. I had planned to use the tan thread as the weft on the first scarf.  It doesn't work.  There's no punch.  Shee! Frustrating!  So, I'm stash diving!  Trying several colors at a time trying to find the color that will make the first scarf shine!  I've just put a totally different thread on it now in a 3/1 twill.  The top's interesting, but the bottom isn't at all.  Hmm.  I'm going to go to bed and try again tomorrow.  Maybe I'll try a 2/2 twill instead using that new thread.  Some days, I feel so confident about my color combination selections.  Then, there are days like today when I have problems with basic colors!  Great way to start a new warp!

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