October 29, 2011

My favorite work

After signing up to be a vender and to give some workshops at the Holiday Market at Grove Center in Oak Ridge, TN in a few weeks, I was asked to describe my weaving and post some of my work.  That prompted me to go through several pictures of work that I haven't looked at in a while.  I didin't want to post work that was already sold on the Holiday Market site, but looking at them made me want to post them.  So, here they are.  These are items that I have woven over the years. They are examples of work that I am the proudest of.doing.

I wove this L shaped scarf for my Mother several years ago on my LeClerc floor loom.  She wore it often in the cooler months.  I love this technique, which I found printed in an edition of Spindle, Shuttle and Dye Pot.  I have used the technique several times to make other pieces of clothing.  This tunic, which is one of the first items I sold on Etsy.com, is one of the items woven using the same technique.

 These 2 fabric strip woven purses were identical except the size.  Both were made on my potholder loom.  One with only 1 piece in the width, the other with 2.    The smaller one is the first I made of it's pattern.  I've sold many of purses made following the same patern.

The fabric used in this Framed Billfold was one of the first of my efforts to weave small threads. I really like the way she turned out. I used the fabric also in a shell top and a Driving Cap I made as a gift for one of my brothers.

And last, a couple of favorite scarves that I made on my Louet table loom.

And, not I'm going to start on a new weaving adventure with a new for me loom.  We've just brought to our home, an AVL Dobby Loom on loan from the Appalachian Art and Craft Center and the Tuesday Morning Weaving Guild.  More to come once we figure out how to put her together.

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