August 23, 2011

Loopers are back!

Back several years ago, you used to go to craft shows, and see stacks and stacks of multi-colored looper rugs or sock-ring rugs for sale.  Those beautiful, luscious rugs made from linked together cotton loopers.  Each link formed a knot that when stood on, would massage your feet.  I have always been in love with these rugs. 

Loopers or sock rings are what's left after a sock is completed during the manufacturing process.  Once the toe is sown, the sock is cut off.  Then, the looper is cut off with the next sock.  The resulting looper is about .5 inch in width.  They are the refuse from the sock manufacturing process.  They are also the product that prompted some ingenious inventor to develop the toy potholder loom.  How many children have made their own potholders using this cute toy?

We weavers could buy huge bags of these loopers to dye whatever color we wanted to have and to weave rugs to our hearts content.  Then, most of the small independent sock manufacturers in the US went out of business, due to intense competition from overseas manufacturers, and the looper or sock-ring supply disappeared.

But, there are still a few sock manufacturers left in the US.  I found one and they were open to providing me some of their garbage!  Ha! So, I am starting up a Looper sales operation.  I have several for sale now at my Etsy shop:  www:// I am also building a new website that will be devoted to selling looper rug-making materials, including loopers, metal potholder looms, long wide-eyed weaving needles, instructions for weaving on the loom, etc.

I hope you'll visit either site and enjoy.


Carolina FiberArtist said...

Do you still have loopers? if not, do you know where I can get some? I'd be willing to go the mill if necessary.

Andy'sTreasures said...

I'm sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. I haven't kept my blog up to date this summer. So, to answer your question, I do still have loopers. I sell them at area craft shows and online at my etsy shop: I'm updating my shop this weekend and adding pictures of some new items I've just completed.

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