June 12, 2011

Potholder Rug

The latest project is finally finished.  She's a Potholder Rug, made from 35 individually woven potholders that have been stitched together.  She took way longer than I expected.  I've made many of the looper rugs before and they are quick to make .  I'll go back to making those now.  While I really like the look of this rug. 

I'm working on another card woven band.  She'll be really pretty with a pastel variegated thread as the main thread and with heavier tones from a kelly green and a purple. 

I'm also preparing to weave some looper rugs after dying several loads of loopers in different colors.  The different colors will also be going on sale on my Etsy shop as supplies.  (Etsy.com/shop/andy0514)

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