August 24, 2010

A new start this week

Monday, 8/23/10. Yesterday, I restarted my life. A new focus on my health, my fitness, my work, my life. It was a great day to do this. We're starting to source and interview replace 1 of Moms care givers, Pam. 2 of my close friends have joined AA last week and decided to stop drinking this week. So, I'm going to join them in my own way.
My goals? 1. Be Active everyday (practice yoga at home daily, walk daily,), 2. Eat consciously (follow the Kapha and Pitta pacifying guidelines, set up weekly menus from which we will buy groceries and all meals will be made, teach the caregivers how to fix the dishes on the menu each week)3. Meditate dailly.

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Spinning Out of Control said...

Good plan! Yoga is the best. I do yoga or tai chi everyday.

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