August 22, 2010

40 years ago: "The Last Train To Knoxville"

40 years ago, I graduated from Oak Ridge High Shool, enjoyed my last real summer at home, then moved into the dorm at UT, Knoxville. There was so much going on that was important to me that fall, that I don't believe I even noticed this sad event.

That year, 1970, I had only been on 1 real train (not accounting for the train at Rebel Railroad in Pigeon Forge or the little train that went around the little lake at Chilhowee Park!). That real train ride was one that my grandparents put together for their 4 grandchildren at the time. I was maybe 5, my brothers were too small to go. We got on the train there at the Southern Station and rode it to Morristown. It was a wonderful experience. I remember all of us girls squealing with mock-fear/delight every time the train went over a bridge (all of them pretty small in my jaded point of view today). Our parents all followed the train to pick us up when we got off. We could see their cars off and on. What an adventure for us little kids. Too bad that isn't available anymore

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