August 5, 2010

My new job

I started my new job last week.  So as of tomorrow, I've been back among the employed for 2 weeks. Hooray for me!!! It's a great company.  The folks I've met so far seem good.  Their work process is very clean and concise, orderly.  I like that.  In the world as it has been for so long now, clean, concise and orderly is very comforting. I believe that I've found a very good one this time.  Hopefully, this will be my last and longest employer other than working for myself and Gary.

In my work persona, I am a Recruiter.  I've been in Human Resources for 35 years and Recruiting for 20.  Wow, how can that be?!  I still feel like that 22 year old girl who walked into the Job Service in Maryville, TN  to start my work career. 

Right now, I've started doing Nurse and Nurse Manager recruiting.  I enjoy working with people in the medical professions.  What they do is so different from anything else.  They don't crunch numbers, build buildings, make clothes, sell things, etc.  They help people, save lives.  Filling these jobs is very rewarding.  I'm having a terrific time talking with them. 

In one of my other major personas, I'm Andy, the weaver.  I've had a huge creative spurt just lately.  I have 5 new bags in process.  They are all coming along very well.  I also have come up with some interesting new ideas.  Neckaces, bracelets, mens wallets, who knows what else.

So, all at the same time, I'm feeling more creative and more mentally active.  What a great feeling.  I hope those who read this post are enjoying similar highs right now. 

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