August 7, 2010

Down Dog vs the Magic Four

I've been practicing Hatha Yoga for 6 years now.  Up until March this year, I had studied with 1 main yoga teacher and another one who was a student of the first.  I have really enjoyed studying and practicing with Amanda McMaine in Richmond, KY.

But in March, we moved 3 hours away.  So, I changed teachers and picked a Yoga teacher who practices a different style of yoga, Svaroopa.  I've come to really enjoy it, but I also miss the original style.  And now, my new teacher is getting married and moving. SHEE!

My situation is this:  I really enjoy yoga.  I enjoy the way a long practice makes you feel.  I'm going to try the replacement teacher, but I'm also going to try some other teachers in the area.    And, I'm going to start a more regular practice.  I have all of the props I need, several cd's and access to other classes online. So, I'm going to start a regular morning practice before I start to work each day.  Starting tomorrow. 

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Spinning Out of Control said...

The teacher does make a big difference. Keep going till you find the right one.

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