June 1, 2010

Elm Grove School Homecoming 2010 Schedule of Events

We're having a reunion of all who worked or attended Elm Grove School on June 18-20, 2010

I've had alot of fun planning this. I sure hope we have a good turnout. 16 days and counting!

Schedule of Events

Friday, 6/18/2010

7:30 pm Dinner at the Magnolia Tree Restaurant & Grill in the west end of the Oak Ridge Turnpike for all already in town or arriving on Friday. This is the same restaurant where many of us met in October. The restaurant features vegetarian and Greek food, daily specials, and has a full bar. Dress code is casual. The restaurant is completely handicapped accessible. Bring your memories and be prepared to reconnect.

Saturday, 6/19/2010

8:00 am Coffee, etc . at Razzelberries for breakfast on Jackson Square for those interested in going to the Lavender Festival on the Square. The festival features vendors and presentations focused on healthy lifestyles, cooking and gardening. The Lavender Festival is a peaceful, natural and refined festival unlike any other in the Oak Ridge area. Each year Lavender Festival organizers bring a speaker to the festival to offer workshops and presentations and draws thousands of people each year to the Historic Jackson Square business district.

10:00 am Tour of Pine Valley Elementary School, now the Administration building for the Oak Ridge City Schools. This school was built on nearly the exact same plan as Elm Grove was. Walking into this school and around in the halls has a definite feel of being back in our own school.

11:00 am Oak Ridge Children’s Museum, the former Highland View Elementary School. We have a room reserved here from 1 pm to 3 pm for a get-together and light lunch. Those who wish to come earlier to view the museum and walk through the school building will have free admission. The museum has an in depth exhibit on early Oak Ridge, and an exhibit of Ed Westcott photography (many of the arial photographs of early Oak Ridge were taken by Ed.)  Please bring a covered dish of some kind for lunch.

3:00 pm Free time, Secret City Festival activities at Bissell Park, in the Civic Center and in the Oak Ridge City Library parking lot, including the Chubby Checker concert. Early admittance at 5:30, concert begins at 7 pm.

6:30 pm Elm Grove Homecoming at Elm Grove Park (an Oak Ridge City Park), for those who want to get together on the Elm Grove grounds instead of going to the concert, we will be there at 6-6:30 until after dark. Bring your memories, pictures, memorabilia. We’ll be able to stay later than dark as long as we aren’t so noisy that we disturb the neighborhood.

* Elm Grove Park consists of the grounds of our school, a paved walking trail, a few swings and playground

equipment and 2 picnic tables.

* Those who can should bring folding chairs, folding tables, coolers with ice, soft drinks, snack foods and lanterns. Everyone should bring a flashlight for getting around.

* We’ll be able to stay later than dark as long as we aren’t so noisy that we disturb the neighborhood.

* For our comfort, we will rent a Port-a-Potty for the weekend.

* There will be 2 8’x8’ free standing tents in case it rains. Anyone else who has a free standing tent is welcome to bring it. The City forbids us from staking tents. In case of a major storm, we'll move the event to the Lyle house.

* One of the largely requested events for this get together was a jam session. Those musically inclined are
strongly encouraged to bring their instruments.

* Another largely requested activity was a walk around the Elm Grove neighborhood. We’ll have different route for those who want to walk the hills and those who don’t. Be sure to bring a flashlight. We’ll take our walks at dusk or after.

* We will not have a meal.

Sunday, 6/20/2010

9:00 am Breakfast at Elm Grove or at some restaurant in town (?)

If enough want another event for Sunday, we could cook out breakfast on the grounds of the school or meet somewhere.

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