December 12, 2009

New Sales

I have 3 new sales today!  After a rather dry spell.  I got the bright idea to move all of my bags from the Bags and Purses area to Everything Else.  I thought that might get me more views.  WRONG!  Fewer.  I also spent alot of cash setting up Showcases with the same idea.  Again, WRONG!

So, after perusing the forum on Etsy, I found a chain of comments discussing the values between buying a Showcase at $7-15 each to relisting your products at $0.20 each!  So, I tried it.  Woohoo!  Lots more views on all of my products!  And, 3 sales!  YeeHaw!

One of the folks on that chain even went to far as to say he relisted some of his products multiple times each day over a weekend in order to get some sales.  He said that it worked, too.

So far this week, I've relisted a sampling once and then all of my products yesterday.  I definitely will do this again.

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