December 27, 2009

December 27, 2009

I sold 3 items on Christmas Eve!  Yippee!  One of them was my first flat frame Opera Clutch.  Another, Yippee!    Just in time to for me to post my 3 new ones.  My craft business seems be picking up.

I really like making those flat frame clutches.  I've used up my supply of frames, tho, for now.  Have to order some more from Dan at 3DPatternPaper.

We had a really good day yestrerday.  My brother, Bob, and sis in law, Stephanie, came for a long visit.  Everything went very well.  It seemed like old times.  We used to do so much together.  Mom, I think, played possum the entire day.  I can't believe that she was dosing all of that time.  She's mad at Bob for not coming or calling more.  Maybe after yesterday, she'll not be so mad.

Hope all out there are doing well and enjoying this holiday season.

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