July 11, 2013

I wove this lovely looper rug for Linda in Maryville.  She came to me at the Smokey Mountain Fiber Festival in Townsend, TN in April and asked me if I could recreate a rug I had for sale there in a larger size.  I said I could.  She knew the width she wanted, 4 feet.  But wasn't sure whether she needed 6 or 7 feet in length.  I suggested we use the Golden Proportion to see what would be the most visually appealing length.  And here it is.  6.5'. (4 feet x 1.619)  I am so glad that I read the Threads magazine.  They have had several issues dedicated to this measurement trick.  It works every time I need to decide how long one side of a corner needs to be.  I've used it for rugs, shawls, clothing, etc,  You get a lovely piece every time.   

I'm so glad that the rug turned out to match Linda's colors so well.

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