May 8, 2013

Last  weekend, Gary and I and our dear friend Linda had a booth at the Clinch River Antique Fair in Clinton, TN.  We were in the same location as we were at the Fall Antique Fair, at the intersection of Cummin and Commerce Streets.  Our other friend, Kathy, had her own booth on the corner of Main and Market.  We all had pretty good shows, considering the heavy rain that started almost as soon as the fair opened at 9 am and ended long after everyone had gone home in the late afternoon.

We saw many people who have visited us at other shows and were next to the same people who were in that spot last fall.  A very nice family who I really need to make it a point to get and write down their names next time I see them.  How could I have spent all day on 2 different occasions, sitting right next to them, talking off and on about the day, and not share our names!

So, here is a picture from last year's Fall Antique Fair.  What a great croud.  We had a terrific fair last fall. The weather was great!   Then!  We went home soaking wet. I've been drying out all of my products ever since.

This next weekend, we will be at Vestival, an arts and crafts and bluegrass music festival on the grounds of the historic Candoro Marble Mill in the Vestal community of South Knoxville and in the neighborhood where both of my parents grew up.


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