March 6, 2013

Third Try's The Charm!

I submitted these 5 items this week to the Foothills Craft Guild in application for membership.  I tried 2 other times and didn't make it. 

I wove this natural colored cotton throw on an AVL loom that I have at home on loan from the Tuesday Weavers.  It took my husband and me months of trial and error to figure out how to get that loom to work. Once I'd gotten a couple of plain weave rugs and shawls done with out a problem, I decided to try the longer dobby chain that cam with the loom.  This is what I made.  It looked so good that I just kept on weaving until I ran out of warp. I wove 2 bamboo bands to put as hem bands on each of the narrow ends.

This Shadow Weave Scarf had a color change with every shot.  It took a long time to weave, but was great fun.

The Key Lime and Natural Bamboo Overshot Scarf  has such a soft touch.  I made 2 pieces with this pattern and the same fibers.  The other one is wider and is sitting on top of my Mother's Secretary Desk.

I had planned on weaving this bamboo huck scarf in Natural and then painting it with an assortment of muted pastels. When I finished weaving, I just couldn't dye it.  The huck spots just sparkle.

And, lastly, I wove the Cotton Hand Towel in the Kentucky Log Cabin pattern with stripes in Lavender, Blue and a variegated thread with purple and orange.  I played with the threading and weave designs in order to come up with a mixture of horizontal weave stripes, once I had finished and washed the fabric. 

I got the call this afternoon.  I'm in!  I feel like Sally Fields:  "The like me, they really like me!

Yee Ha!



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Those look great. Congratulations on getting in. Glad you guys got the loom working.

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