October 13, 2011

Tuesday Weavers

I joined  the Tuesday Weavers a few weeks ago.  They meet each Tuesday at the Appalacian
arts Craft Center in Norris TN.  It's so good to be weaving again with a group. I've missed the community and the shared creativity. 

That's how I got started in loom weaving beyond the little potholder loom.  I took several classes in the 1980's at the University of Tennessee Craft Center which was located at the time in the basement of the UT Student Center.  Sadly, I don't believe UT offers Weaving any longer. 

When we moved from Tennessee to Kentucky, I expected to find a similar group to join, but I never did.  There are many weaving guilds in Kentucky, but none that seemed a fit.  So, for 20 years, I was a solitary weaver. 

I'm back to being a weaving student again.  Love it!

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