January 28, 2010

Wednesday, 1/27

For Christmas last year, I made my Mom a no-sew fleece coverlet.  She's decided that she really loves pink these days.  So, I found some really pretty pink polka-dot fleece and some chocolate brown fleece.  I bought 2 yds of each and spread them out on the dining room table one on top of the other. I trimmed one side that didn't exactly match and then started cutting tags all around the edges of both pieces, leaving one side uncut.  After I had all 3 sides cut, I started tying the 2 tags that were on top of each other together in a square knot, making sure that the opposite color of tag was showing.  Once I had all 3 sides tied up,  I took the coverlet to my sewing machine and stitched a decorative stretchy stitch to seal that seam.  I did that so Mom wouldn't have the tags tickling her nose and face as she slept.  :D

After it was finished, I decided to make another to sell.  It's really pretty. I love the mixture of pink and dark brown.  And, the double thick fleece coverlet is SOOO soft and cushy.  Very comfortable.

Today, I posted the twin to my Mom's coverlet on my shop at Andy0514.etsy.com.  She had several hits quickly.

Check her out in the Sellit section.

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