January 21, 2010

I get so excited with I have a sale!

I got another sale at my Etsy shop today.  My largest ever bag.  I just know that the buyer is going to really like her.  I seem to be having more traffic this week than I have had in some time.  I'm not really sure why.  Could be because I'm still following my New Years Resolution and posting a new piece everyday.  Or, could be something else.  Who knows.    All I know is that it feels really good to log onto Etsy and see that something has sold.

I've been digging in my Mom's cedar chest to find fabric pieces that I can use to weave with.  This is where she always saved her leftovers.  I'm adding little notes about Mom and the piece that I've used with each posting.  I thing that will personalize the piece more.  But, the side affect of that, is that the memories of Mom wearing whatever it was that she had used that fabric for are really taking me back to my childhood.    And, as I'm trying to work with lighter fabrics now in anticipation of spring and summer, I'm remembering the springs, summers and falls at Norris Lake.  We had a warm weather cabin right on the lake there for over 30 years.  My daddy and several uncles built it after a builder framed it in during the fall of my 5th grade school year.  We spent many a night after they got off work, listening to them hammering away.  I loved that place like no other.  It was so hard to sell it a few years ago when we needed more money to help care for Mom.  She has lived with us for 10 years now and will be 90 in April.  Thank God, she's still mostly strong and healthy.  Here is a pic of my most favorite place in the world.  Fisherman's Cove on Norris Lake in Anderson County, Tennessee.   Thank you Google Maps for offering us such wonderful views of favorite places.

Norris Lake - Fisherman's Cove "primitive" Boat Ramp

N 36.26207, W(-) 84.04025
Imagery ©2009 DigitalGlobe, USDA Farm Service Agency, GeoEye, Map data ©2009 Google - Terms of Use
Fishermans Cove boat ramp

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