November 21, 2009

Saturday before Thanksgiving.

It's  been a few very busy work weeks since I last posted.  I've been working on a very interesting project at work that has taken up a lot of my time.

On the weaving front, I've sold another bag and have another nearly finished. I'm also working on 4 handmade, handwoven flat frame slim wallets.  They take alot of piecing for all of the inside parts.  The finished wallet will look so much nicer than the cheap, production-made ones.  I'm really excited about them.  I have some other exciting ideas for new bags that I can't wait to have the time to start.  I'm going to start making some larger bags like the one that just sold.  Still using the potholder loom, just more pieces.  I've made and sold 2 larger bags.  They seem to have an audience.  You can surely put a lot more stuff in them...

Went to 2 wonderful yoga classes this past week.  I've missed so many lately.  I can really feel the time away today in my thighs!  WHEW!  I'm going to do my best to start back to taking regular classes or practicing at home more regularly.  I feel so much better after a practice.

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